Dean, Faculty of Economics

ASST. Prof Ahmad Farid Haqiar (BBA) (MBA)
“In the name of Allah, the merciful the compassionate”,
Asalam Alaikum!
Welcome to Bayan University Family, especially Faculty of Economics. I am sure you will find your time here stimulating and rewarding, both intellectually and socially. You are embarking on a course of study that deals with some of the most fundamental issues affecting the welfare of the world’s peoples especially a needful country (Afghanistan). Economic events and circumstances are constantly posing new challenges for analysts, strategists and policy-makers. The global economy is increasingly interconnected through trade and financial linkages, bringing greater opportunities and benefits but also greater complexity and risks, as the events of the last thirty years have illustrated in dramatic fashion. The epidemic of Afghan debt crises in Asia continent has threatened the integrity of the Afghanistan Economy and impeded recovery from the Global Financial Crisis. The economic center of gravity continues to shift toward Asia and a new economic order is emerging. Afghanistan has achieved extraordinary economic progress but must continue to devise strategies for sustaining growth and enhancing social welfare. As a student of economics at Bayan University, you will encounter a curriculum that is constantly being refreshed to expose you to the latest thinking about key economic issues. The Faculty of Economics is one of Afghanistan’s leading research centers and you will be taught by international faculties who bring research-based knowledge and practical experience into the classroom. The faculty are noted for their teaching excellence and they will engage you and your fellow students in an interactive learning environment where you will not only gain the knowledge and analytical skill set to establish a platform for your future careers, you will develop also the softer skills that allow you to use this platform effectively. This is the distinctive that Bayan University will set you apart. At Bayan University you will have an exceptional opportunity to develop a lasting network of friends and colleagues from your classroom contacts, societies, co-curricular activities and global exposure. I hope you will take advantage of all that Bayan University has to offer. The faculty, staff and senior students in the University will do their part in assisting your transition to university life and making your experience an enjoyable and successful one.