Rules and Regulations
The student/participants should strictly obey the instructions given by the administration. Student will be expelled from the institute when found disobeying the orders of the administrative authorities.
The students/ participants should be regular in attendance and his attendance for the day shall be marked only when he/she is present for all the sessions during the day. The student found irregular in attendance shall be expelled from the institute.
The students/ participants require completing and submitting assignments given, failing to submit the assignments will be subject to reduction in marks.
The institute expects 100% attendance for the theory and practical sessions. However some relaxation is possible to the extent of 10% on valid grounds and with prior permission of the administration.
Student/ participants found guilty by an act of misconduct in the institute shall be subjected to strict disciplinary action and may be expelled from the institute.
The attendance for the test, quizzes, practical and tutorials etc. by the institute is compulsory.
The students/ participants coming late shall not be allowed to enter the class.
Cell phones in the institute premises are to be switched off and shall not be used in the library, offices, lecture rooms, laboratory, seminar hall etc.
The students/ participants showing consistently poor performance in the tests, quizzes, practical and tutorials and failing in the internal assessment of the subject shall not be allowed to appear for the semester end examination.
The library and all other rules and regulations of the institute should be strictly observed.
Smoking in the institute premises is strictly prohibited.
The students/ participants should read the notices displayed on the notice board regularly and the institute will not be responsible for the loss of any advantage due to negligence of reading the notices.
Ragging is a criminal offence and such cases shall be dealt as per the prevention of Ragging Act of Afghanistan Ministry of Higher Education and the Institute.
The above rules and regulations are always subject to change, modify, omit or alter and shall be modified as and when needed. The decision of the administration be final and binding on the students/ participants

Our approach to education is orientation of students towards self – learning, to impart quality education with ethics and values. This is the aim to strive to improve the quality of education to international standards.
We foresee that BIHE is an institute where,
Object-oriented education, keeping in view, the emerging industrial and business opportunities globally is provided.
The course curriculum through education research and consultation with industry experts is improved regularly.
Technology is utilized to enhance instruction, promote communication, and encourage students to be independent learners.
Social values and ethics are developed and maintained.
Education is delivered through integration of theory and practice that enables the students to earn the required credentials through experiential learning, such as field study projects etc.
Human resources are updated for better and effective delivery of services.