The BBA Program is of 4 years duration divided into 8 in-campus semesters with an actively participation and student – oriented approach. For making sure that the program is run effectively and leads us reaching our ultimate objectives, we introduce and implement the following methodology for the program assessment and evaluation, while complying with the applicable credit policy. Therefore, in accordance with this, the overall evaluation of the program is conducted as follow

BIHE places special focus on obtaining highly qualified faculty to provide instructions and supervision for its students. Our faculty is a blend of both national and international expert faculty. Our faculty comprises of several PhDs, M.Phil. and Masters both local and expats. Many of them are involved in an acquiring higher education, providing consultancy, training and development to the corporate sector. Some of our visitor’s faculty are highly qualified experts working at top capacities in Afghan government.

The curriculum of BIHE is approved by Ministry of Higher Education of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. The curriculum being followed at BIHE is in complete alignment with the curriculum followed at top universities and schools around the globe. By virtue of this similarity our students can receive maximum credit transfer to foreign universities. We track our class room performance on a daily basis to ensure the higher standard of education.

Liaison with Foreign Universities/Bodies/Organizations
Considering our commitment to quality, we have arranged collaborations and affiliations with several international universities, bodies and organizations, which ultimately beneficial for the students willing to go for further higher studies around the globe.

The Campus
This campus was opened from the academic year 2014, with a view to meet the growing demands of the students living in down town in Kabul. The campus is having all infrastructural facilities. At present, nearly about 200 students from different sectors in various fields are involved in pursuing their education and training in this campus.
The campus is an elegant campus with a liberal and dynamic system of education and training. With vibrant faculty, who are highly competent, motivated and blend academic rigor with rich professional experience.The management provides the best and congenial environment that enables students to carry with them sweet memories of rich tradition and learning and endearing moment of relationships.

Bayan Institute of Higher Education provides facilities that in real sense facilitate the learning process by creating an environment where students find themselves very interested, committed and goal –oriented professionals. Every facility is a means through which we want to achieve our goals. Furthermore, BIHE struggles to provide a sound, peaceful and learning academic environment for students to pursue their personal and professional goals. BIHE facilities for students comprises of state of the art classrooms, conference rooms, computer labs, information resource center, counselling , internet , transportation, cafeteria, campus clinic, prayer room, student common rooms , healthy environment and a lot more. Following are a brief account of our facilities:

1. Library
An excellent library has been built-up specially to cater to the needs of the various sector. The library procures books, journals, reports and audio-visual materials specially related to business, banking, law, economics, computer science and finance. It is also well equipped in the general management and management training areas. The library receives journals from all over the world. In addition to these, BIHE is seeking to receive various bulletins published by Afghanistan as well as foreign; more than 10 periodic bulletins/newsletter/house journals issued by academic, research and training institutions in Afghanistan and abroad by various businesses. Besides, it collects special reports committee, task forces and institutions. The library has a substantial collection of micro-films, video and audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, VCDS, Diskettes /Floppies, films and so on.

2. Computer Laboratory
The Institute has fully-equipped computer laboratories providing excellent computing facilities. The labs has sufficient number of computers with all the latest software and facilities. BIHE is also having a virtual library which is accessible through BIHE computer labs and Internet room.

3. E-Corner (Internet Facility)
BIHE provides internet facilities for its students, with the aim to connect them with the modern world. Students can download relevant materials for their studies and can have facts and figures available at their door step.

4. Seminar Hall

The seminar hall is specious and well equipped with all the ultra-modern equipment’s to hold the conferences, seminars and workshops.

5. Lecture Rooms

Our lecture rooms are specious well-furnished and properly maintained and well equipped with technologies like projectors, LCDs etc. They are well ventilated with natural light and air.

6. Parking Facility

The campus has considerably a large area reserved as Parking Zone.

7. Pure Water Facility

Hygienic and purified water is being supplied by the responsible to the campus all the time.

8. Security

For ensuring security round the clock security arrangements have been made available on the campus.