Our Philosophy:
Internationally accredited high quality programs with, flexibility, affordability and excellence.

Our Reputation
4.Nationally and internationally renowned
7.Sought after by employers
8.Full of opportunity

Mission Statement:
We realize that the twenty first century undoubtedly belongs to the men and women of strength and excellence in professional fields. Today higher education is fundamental for the complete development of individuals. We at BIHE endeavor to meet the growing needs of higher education across the globe and to impart not only quality education, but also in affordable cost. We strongly believe that no one should be deprived from higher education for not been able to meet the huge fees demanded by institutes as obtaining education is the fundamental right of an every human being.
To achieve this BIHE will apply the formula for a premier institute which is ‘inspired students’, ‘great human resources’ and ‘latest facilities,. In this global, culturally diverse and technologically advanced social ground, characterized by swift complex change and interdependencies, we at BIHE aim to empower business in theirs leaders to understand and address the far reaching changes affecting the world.

Bayan Institute of Higher Education will be a top-ranked international university for research and higher education that creates a world class learning environment for our students, provides a welcoming and stimulating environment for our friends and supporters and serves as both a source of pride for Afghanistan and our region and a leader in economic and cultural development of Afghanistan.