Bayan Institute of Higher Education will be the trustee for Afghanistan for helping to create world -class, competitive university. The university would endavor to offer knowledge based programs and services in the field of higher education, training and research that are as good as, if not better than , the best anywhere in the world. While much the courses of the BIHE would be of universal interest, there would also be a focus on the legal and institutional aspects to Afghanistan.
In a year the Institute, an average, educate 300 students and trains more than 1,000 participants in various training programs in different functional areas and as also workshops, seminars and forums addressing issues of topical concern to the various industry.
The competitive advantage of BIHE in the higher education market is the inspired students, great human resources and qualified faculty, latest facilities and internationally accredited degrees at optimum prices.

Providing consultancy support to various companies has always been one of the key strengths of the Institute. The focus of our consultancy activities has been in providing support in organizational design and development for Improving the Profitability and Productivity of businesses, etc.