Job Vacancy for the position of Personal AssistantAbout Bayan Institute of Higher Education:

In the year 2014 Bayan Institute of Higher Education was registered with Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) , Afghanistan after compliance woith all standards and norms required by Ministry of Higher Education. BIHE was established under able and dynamic leadership of Founder Mr. Wahidullah Sardar with an objective to provide quality education in the fields of Economics, Law and Political Sciences, and Computer Science.
BIHE has committed to satisfy the students by providing excellent service in the field of education, carrying out research, consultancy and training. For the purpose of achieving the mission BIHE is collaborated with international bodies to offer the certified international courses. The center envisages collaboration with international reputed universities, institutes in other countries in educational, research, training and consulting, specifically relevant to an internationally oriented economy.
Job Summary:

The incumbent serves as a Secretary to the Founder President for Bayan Institute of Higher Education(BIHE) performs a variety of clerical, administrative, budgeting, and protocol services in a high-profile and politically sensitive country. Plans and coordinates major engagements, VIP visits, and other work-related functions. Works as the key liaison with the BIHE’s Office of Management (e.g. Procurement Assistant, property management staff, etc). The incumbent is responsible for the efficient management of the daily schedules of the Founder and are needed to ensure that business appointments and commitments are efficiently and effectively fulfilled. S/He plans, coordinates, and organizes in-country and international travel requirements, both official and personal, for the Founder and other staff concluding with the preparation of travel vouchers and payment processing. The incumbent will work with auditors to issue final audit reports; Will keep track of recommendations until final resolution, and will be responsible for inventory and budgeting, both preparation and monthly tracking.
Duties and Responsibilities
Office Management:
Transmits instructions on behalf of the Founder President to staff members, follows-up with staff members to ensure that commitments are met, and keeps them informed of current plans and activities. Tracks important documents, particularly those requiring urgent attention, to assure they are properly assigned for action and that concerned action offices are engaged. Uses initiative and sound judgment in screening telephone calls and referring important actions to office chiefs ; efficiently assigns routine matters independently to the staff; schedules appointments, handles principal telephone business, monitors the timely preparation of materials needed for meetings, trips, audit report preparations and issuance. Receives, reviews and controls and assigns incoming and outgoing correspondence. Establishes and maintains office filing system, updates manuals and handbooks, and organizes paperwork flow for the office in a manner which allows quick retrieval of materials. Maintains records of leave and time and attendance for all international staff and locally engaged staff, and serves as the Founder President primary timekeeper. Works with auditors to issue final audit reports, and keeps track of recommendations until final resolution
Arranges appointments with host government officials, BIHE partners, donors/investors and private sector officials and other office personnel as required. Maintains the automated meeting calendar, and arranges meetings and promptly addresses potential scheduling conflicts, particularly as regards entrance and exit conferences. Ensures that sufficient travel time is allowed to prepare for meetings and that any known security issues are factored into the travel plan. 

I strongly believe that freedom of individual development is the basis of effective democracy. Intellectual progress demands the keeping of spirit of free enquiry and friendly environment. The pursuit and practice of truth despite of consequences should be only aim of institutes and all education is expected to be liberal. Education, one of the human resource development strategies, is a powerful tool for peaceful social transformation and for overall development and prosperity of any nation. It should be free from chains of ignorance, prejudice and speculative belief. Education is an important index of human development. Higher Education and training is indeed a vital tool for intellectual, cultural, artistic development and a means for achieving wider social aspirations. The responsibility of institute in the context of changing scenario is not only confined to imparting education but also to forecast the future needs of economy.

The merely solution for the past 30 years chaos in our mother land Afghanistan can be education. Since there is an urgent need for enormous expansion in the field of higher education and training because the proportion of our population, in the relevant age group, that enters the world of higher education, is about 3% only, while in developed countries it is up to 85% and at the same time, it is important to raise quality of higher education. Keeping in view contemporary needs, also that higher education and training should be accessible to one and all. Education is the fundamental mechanism for social inclusion, growth through the creation of more opportunities

It is heartening to note that the BIHE has established and has grown remarkably well over the years and has been offering quality, allied and technical education to meet the challenges in the context of globalization.I extend you a hearty welcome to join the Bayan Institute of Higher Education family and wish you all the success in your learning endeavor.

With warm regards,

Wahidullah Sardar