1. Library

The library is well equipped with sufficient number of books, magazines, journals, news papers, periodicals and reference books in English, Dari and Pashtu Languages. The reading room has a very conducing atmosphere and has natural ventilation and light.

2. Hostel Facilities

BIHE plans to build a very modern hostel for its full time students applying for residing in hostel. The hostel rooms will be well furnished and will be ventilated with natural light and air. Hot water, telephone facilities and Internet facilities will be available.

3. Canteen

There is a separate canteen/ fast food outlets serving snacks and refreshments.

4. Green Area

The Campus has green area for refreshment and studies.

5. Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is equipped with sufficient number of computers with all the latest software and facilities such as projector etc.

6. Internet Facility

The Internet facility is also provided to the students so as to have an easy access to the latest information.

7. Seminar Hall

The seminar hall is specious and well equipped with all the ultra-modern equipment’s to hold the conferences, seminars and workshops.

8. Lecturer Rooms

Our lecture rooms are specious well furnished and properly maintained and well equipped with technologies like projectors, LCDs etc. They are well ventilated with natural light and air.

9. Parking Facility

The campus has considerably a large area reserved as Parking Zone.

10. Campus Clinic

A clinic for routine medical services, with quality medical staff is available in the campus.

11. Transportation

The campus is easily accessible by road from Kart-e- Char , but services from various locations in the Kabul city to the campus is available.

12. Co- Curricular Activities

All the departments have active students associations who organize seminars, workshops, industrial visits, training on various technical subjects in their respective area of specialization.

13. Pure Water Facility

Hygienic and purified water is being supplied by the responsible to the campus all the time.