Library of Bayan University

1. Library
An excellent library has been built-up specially to cater to the needs of the various sector. The library procures books, journals, reports and audio-visual materials specially related to business, banking, law, economics, computer science and finance. It is also well equipped in the general management and management training areas. The library receives journals from all over the world. In addition to these, BIHE is seeking to receive various bulletins published by Afghanistan as well as foreign; more than 10 periodic bulletins/newsletter/house journals issued by academic, research and training institutions in Afghanistan and abroad by various businesses. Besides, it collects special reports committee, task forces and institutions. The library has a substantial collection of micro-films, video and audio cassettes, CDs, DVDs, VCDS, Diskettes /Floppies, films and so on

بیان د لوړو زدکړو مؤسسی کتابتون | کتاب خانه مؤسسه تحصیلات عالی بیان

مؤسسه تحصیلات عالی بیان افتخار دارد که مجهزترین ، کتابخانه برای محصلین عزیز در اختیار شان گذاشته تا بتواند تحصیل خویش به درستی رشد دهد