Financial Aid
Admission at BIHE are based on merit. This means that the Institute selects the students regardless of their financial standings. Applicants should apply for financial assistance along with their admission form. The office of students’ welfare under student finance swill look after each case and announce the final decision. In addition , there are many other bodies, organization and personalities want to finance students. The details for students’ finance can be fetched from the office of student’s welfare.
BIHE offers freeships (100 % tuition fee) or percentile freeships to deserving students in the programs of their choice in the first semester of studies. Merit scholarships are awarded in each term to position holders on the basis of GPA earned with the full term load. Merit rating is determined as per respective regulations.
Bayan Institute of Higher Education offers various types of scholarships for disadvantage and eligible groups. Our scholarships are merits and eligibility based ranges from full to percentage scholarship. Following are some of the scholarships presently available:

Chancellor’s Honors Award:
This is a merit scholarship awarded by the chancellor of Bayan Institute of Higher Education every semester. Three students who have scored the highest are given certificate and scholarships.

President Scholarship:
The founder president of Bayan Institute of Higher Education (BIHE) offers 5 scholarships every semester to disadvantage groups. Every can apply to this scholarship.

BAT Scholarship:
This scholarship is merit based. The student who obtains the highest score in Bayan Aptitude Test (BAT) is awarded with this scholarship which ranges from full to percentage discount in the tuition fees.

Student Exchange:
Bayan Institute of Higher Education has signed MoUs with many international universities. Under this program our student can be exchanged to purse their studies abroad.

There are many clubs operated by the Institute. Following are some of the clubs:

1. Bayan Lawyers Club

2. Bayan Economists Club

3. Bayan Chess Club

4. Bayan Debate Club

5. Bayan Student Union