BIHE Core Values:

Collaboration and Teamwork

We will respect and support the needs of all individuals and work together in a manner that enables BIHE to achieve its goals and live its values.

Devotion and Dedication

We are loyal to one another and are committed to the programs for which we work.


At BIHE, we value the diversity of our workforce, our multidisciplinary competencies, and our commitment to diverse ideas and opinions.


We provide a supportive environment for exercising entrepreneurial skill. We encourage measured risk-taking in developing new programs and projects, in expanding our geographic reach, and in creating new ways to meet the needs of higher education in Afghanistan and the region.

Financial Health

We value the efficient use of resources and the financial health of the Institute.

Honesty and Integrity

We strive to act with the highest levels of honesty and ethics in all of our work and interactions.

Making a Difference

At BIHE, we believe that we can make a difference. Whether we work to improve education sector or community development, we value the opportunity to improve the work and lives of those affected by our work.

Open Communication

We foster an environment where the exchange of ideas and information is encouraged and applauded.


We are tolerant, understanding and steadfast in our efforts to improve the lives of those we serve..


Our work reflects the highest moral and ethical practices and behaviors embraced by our peer groups.

Respect and Trust

We demonstrate respect for our co-workers and their efforts. We support the ideal of work-life balance. We work to earn and to honor the trust of our colleagues and clients.

Technical and Professional Excellence

In all of our work, we strive to meet the highest standards of professional excellence. We take pride in our technical achievements and service to our nation and partners.


We wear our hearts on our sleeves; our motivations are obvious and readily understood; our agenda is open.