The Bachelor of Business Administration program is of 4-years duration, spread over 8 regular semesters, and consisting of 136 credit hours with six major specializations,

  1. Finance
  2. Islamic Banking
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. Management
  6. Economics


  • Baccalaureate
  • Passing BIHE General Kankor Test & Interview
  • Financial Ability to pay the required fee
  • Commitment to attend, learn and spread the education
  • Experiential learning methodology will be adopted for delivery of classes. Participants will be provided an opportunity to practice the tools and skills for better utilization. BIHE will emphasize highly participatory and experiential teaching. Teaching plans will be developed around experience sharing and group work opportunities that link Lecture, case studies, Practical computer practices and audio-visual presentations. The learning will be made effective through exercises, role-plays and discussion sessions. Faculty will focus on their role as facilitators ensuring that participants relate to the curriculum contents.

Pithy interactive presentations by Faculty for elaboration of concepts
Interactive discussion with students for experience sharing
Practical exercises and group works for practice – practice makes the person perfect
Presentations from students for confidence building and improvement
Exercises for lively learning
Role plays to elaborate concepts and learning skills
Simulation, PBL, CBL and Early Exposures
Field Visits
Specified case studies will be used for better understanding of the participants.
Ongoing feedback and evaluation of classes are structured, with the aim of optimizing student’s satisfaction and achieving the learning objectives.
Audio Visual Aids including multimedia, overhead projector, printed flip Charts and white board will be used for visualization and elaboration of concepts.

Since the execution of this program (Bachelor of Business Administration) requires various effective resource acquisition and allocation, BIHE has the following resources to execute the particular program efficiently and effectively:


The BBA Program is of 4 years duration divided into 8 in-campus semesters with an actively participation and student – oriented approach. For making sure that the program is run effectively and leads us reaching our ultimate objectives, we introduce and implement the following methodology for the program assessment and evaluation, while complying with the applicable credit policy. Therefore, in accordance with this, the overall evaluation of the program is conducted as follow: