• Bachelor in Computer Sciences (BCS HONORS)
  • Computer plays and will play a dominant role in the socio-economic development of a nation. Advent of computers has ushered in the era of rapid developments and prosperity all over the advanced countries of the world. Many countries in the far -east have become economic giants because of the use of computers in all spheres of their economic activities. Developing countries like Afghanistan are also catching up with the rest of the world. Computers will continue to play a major role as a means for economic enhancements in Afghanistan. With the importance of knowledge in the area of computer in perspective, BIHE undertakes the responsibility to develop the human resources in this area through offering a degree program in computer science.
  • Computer science is concerned with the science of computing, the scientific design and use of computer hardware and software in all these areas. Computer science is a broad discipline, encompassing software design and programming, the actual computing machinery, the theoretical foundations, and all of the applications of computing which pervade our modern society. This course provides an in-depth study of computing with an emphasis on the software, hardware and theory of computation to solve commercial, scientific and technical problems. It also explores software design and programming, computer hardware, the theoretical foundations of computing and its present and potential applications. Students become highly skilled in the core areas of programming and software development, algorithms and data structures, and computer systems including operating systems and computer networks.
  • The Bachelor of Computer Science aims at preparing competent graduates capable of developing computer systems. The B.C.S aims to develop manpower capable of handling problems related to both software and hardware to cater to country’s ever increasing need for manpower in the field of computer. The BCS degree will thus help in the promotion and transfer of technology which is rapidly developing and will also prepare students for advanced graduate studies in computer science.

Graduates are in demand and may gain employment in a wide variety of roles such as software engineers, systems analysts, technology consultants, and algorithm designers etc. Successful graduates often perform research and development in exciting areas such as artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, networking and cryptography, computer games, multimedia, and robotics.