BBA Honors Programs’ Objectives

The Program’s Specific Objectives are:

To graduates higher level employability at the entry level of management profession
To help the students of application and ambition in fulfilling the potential for high earnings and greater personal development
To officer the students with a rich blend of managerial education
To build and capacitate the student’s potential for future and enable them to build and maintain balance between the targets of economic success and the limitations of increasing social and environmental responsibility.
To train and equip them to be successful members of any business
To go beyond the basics of business to nurture multi-dimensional skills among the students and shape the thought process of tomorrow’s leaders.
Individual courses focus on building the personality, communication, perception, and leadership and technology skills of the students.
The program that takes them towards the dynamic world of business where case studies, article writing, internships are the tools of craftsmanship.
Thus our students need to be emerged as well-rounded individuals with experience not only in the intricacies of the business world but in the practicalities of life as well.
Learning Outcomes

The students who earn the BBA degree will be able to:

Communicate effectively and professionally and demonstrate the ability to create coherent written and oral statements with the diverse audience across the cultures replicating skills to analyze and synthesize information.
Demonstrate the ability to identify and evaluate relevant information for decision-making and make usage of diagnostic thinking skills and analytical techniques to assess the information and solve problems in the environment like ours characterized by uncertainty.
Understand the importance of teamwork and group dynamics in achieving organizational goals and demonstrate ability to work effectively in teams.
Acknowledges and understands significance of cultural diversity adapt their interpersonal behaviors and styles accordingly.
Understand various leadership styles and demonstrate proven ability in exercising these styles according to the requirement of the situation.
Understand the dynamics of the organizational conflict and power and politics and make use of their analytical and interpersonal skills accordingly.Read More