Admission with Advance Standing

Students from other recognized and reputed institutions, colleges and universities may be allowed to transfer their previous credits. Credits will only be granted for courses whose contents are equivalent to that of Bayan Institute of Higher Education courses. BIHE reserves the right to accept or refuse to grant of advance standing depending on the student’s records.

Note: For further information regarding admission please read Admission Policy of BIHE which is in full compliance with Ministry of Higher Education, Afghanistan. The policy can be downloaded from the website or received from Registrar’s Office.

Transfer of Credits

Credit may be awarded to applicants if they have partially completed course work for the degree applied for in another recognized institution in Afghanistan or abroad. A maximum of 50% credits are transferred. Credits for specialization courses cannot be transferred to BIHE. Credit transfer fee will be charged as per BIHE regulations. For further information please see Credit Policy of BIHE which can be downloaded from the website or received from the Registrar’s Office.

Examination and Grading

The performance of students is evaluated through a continuous assessment procedures spread over the entire period of studies. In addition to the final examinations, each student’s performance is evaluated on the basis of mid-term examinations, case studies, assignments, quizzes, reports and presentations. Attendance at all prescribed and elective lectures and seminars is mandatory. A Maximum of 20 % absence is allowed per subject to cater for emergencies, sickness, etc. more than 20% absence in a subject will result in ‘F’ grade in that course. BIHE policy allows the provision of makeup examination only for the students whose marks are less than 60%. The weightage assigned to examinations, assignments, quizzes and research papers are left to the discretion and judgment of the course instructor. However, the students the students are informed of these through a detailed course outline issued in the first session of each subject. Students who wish to apply for revaluation of their answer scripts are required to submit their requests to the Controller of Examinations within the allowed period. In addition to the GPA requirements, another basis of evaluation and continuous good standing its cumulative GPA, which must not fall below 2.5 in any two consecutive terms. If it does, the student is liable to be expelled for the institute or will be dealt according to the Examination Policy of BIHE which ever was deemed appropriate. In order to become eligible for the award of degree, a student must attain graduating cumulative grade point average of 2.5. For further information about examination please see the examination policy of BIHE.

Withdrawal from the Institute:

A student who wishes to withdraw from BIHE must notify the VC (Academics) in writing by completing the appropriate form. For further information please see withdrawal and rustication policy of BIHE.