Activties of The Institute

Conveninetly the BIHE activities are divided into four areas, viz, Education, Training Research and Consultancy, the activities of the BIHE are integrated in nature research and consultancy complement each othemr nad the outputs of from a very important segment of the trainig and teaching inputs.

1. Education

Presently the University provides different honors degree under the following two faculties:

1. Faculty of Economics

2. Faculty of Law and Political Science

Degrees Offered:

1. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Honors

2. Bachelor of Economics and Finance (BEF)

3. Bachelor Legislative Law (LLB) Honors

4. Bachelor of Political Science (BA) Honors

2. Training

Thge Institute conducts a large number of training programs in all the functional areas. The programs are tailored to the emerging needs in various fields. As a consscious strategy , the focus of the training activities of the Institute is on creating/imparting new perspectives in the crucial areas of concern modern businesses. Themes, objectives, duration and level of participation of the programs are tailored by the faculty from time to time.

3. Collaborative Programs
The Institute conducts specialized programs in collaboration /assoication with different national and international universities , organization adn industrial experts.

4. Consultancy
Providing consultancy support to various companies has always been one of the key strengths of the Institute. The focus of our consultancy activities has been in providing support in organizational design and development for Improving the Profitability and Productivity of businesses, etc.

5. Publications
The Institute, since its inception in 2014, has been bringing out a variety of publications in the form of books, journals, reports, and working paper in tandem with its research and training functions. Apart from over 10 books, a major segment of the publications consisted of the 3 programed learning texts on various areas published in the initial year of the BIHE, especially to meet the training needs of the new entrants into the various fields. Major activities of BIHE in the future will the regular publication of the journals in Pashtu, Dari and English. The journal will present conceptual and practical viewpoints of both workers and management, and educationist. These journals will cater to the needs of professional managers, researchers and educationists. It may be mentioned that the editorial board of the mentioned journal will consists of renowned academicians of international repute. Research findings will also be brought out in the form of mimeographs and working papers and will be disseminated to the various industries of Afghanistan.

Roles of the University
1. To cater the need of higher education in Afghanistan. The Institute strive to provide western standards courses at optimum prices.

2. To produce the future leaders of Afghanistan.

3. To be the main education, training, research and academic arm of the higher education sector in Afghanistan for continuously upgrading the knowledge and skills relevant for Afghanistan and the region.

4. To be the storehouse of data and information of all new and emerging issues in the higher education, training and research sectors.

5. To be the catalyst in helping people to secure their positions and make them world-class.

6. To be a change agent in the overall functioning of the education system and facilitate the ushering in of professionalism in the education system of the country.

7. Publications of books and journals are integral to its objectives. It also releases monographs on issue of topical interest.

One of the primary sources of support for BIHE students is the Registrar’s Office, which collaborates with students groups and committee to develop programs that creates a sense of community. Thus, the office coordinates and plans events such as the orientation, multi-cultural festivals, extracurricular activities, debates, competitions commencement week, and other student social activities.