“In the name of Allah, the merciful the compassionate”,
Asalam Alaikum!
It gives me immense pleasure to address you through this prospectus. The purpose of this prospectus is to introduce you with the system of education.

It is a great honor to inform you that most of the sectors and industries in Afghanistan have been constantly growing in terms of individual institutions, number of players, portfolio size and complexity, and number of people engaged. Yet ironically institutional and human resource capacities have been lagging behind, primarily for the growth in the sector is done at a much faster pace. Consequently, the effectiveness and efficiencies are being greatly compromised across the sector on one and sustainability of the growth achieved is becoming more and more uncertain. Having said this, strategically there is an urgent need to improve regulatory environment, enhance institutional management systems and business processes, and most importantly overcome the capacity gaps on the human resources side.

To address the manpower needs of the Afghanistan and produce educated and trained human resources, BIHE has been established. The Institute will in ten years be a premier education, training and research center in Afghanistan and the region. The Institute wants to be the main research and academic arm of the education industry, continuously upgrade the knowledge and skills relevant for modern world needs, serve as a center of data and information on new and emerging issues in the various fields of education like economics and business, banking and finance, law and political science, information communication technologies and computer sciences, and journalism and mass communication, and provide training and capacity building services to the clients.

Traditionally, in Afghanistan higher education sector was dominated and managed by governmental agencies only. But, fortunately the new constitution of Afghanistan has provided an article which has laid down the basis for establishment of higher education institutions. Very soon many private higher education intuitions and universities have been established based on the Article 46 of Afghan Constitution. Though, these private universities are facing acute challenges still they are playing great role in nurturing the future manpower for Afghanistan.
As you know that globalization is rapidly increasing today, bringing with it expanded personal mobility; access to knowledge across borders; increased demand for higher education and training, growing worldwide investment; and increased needs continuing education. I potently believe that the twenty first century undoubtedly belongs to the men and women of strength and excellence in professional fields.